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Ferrata - bouldern in Tyrol

Heartbeat at first sight

Climbing courses & bouldering - training for body & mind!


Experience how it is to climb higher and higher in the steep rock!


Climbing is fun, trains your muscles, endurance, strengthens your self-confidence and promotes well-being. The work with rock and stone also gives strength for everyday life.

For those who want a little more than just exploring the Zillertal mountains in different widths, the via ferrata is ideal. Equipped with fixed steel cables, clamps and ladders, the laid-out routes lead through steep and spectacular walls.



Climbing course Riederklamm

At the entrance to 1320 meters altitude, a platform was built, from where you can walk the via ferrata along the waterfall with stunning panoramic views. The two climbing routes "Riederklamm" (level B +) and "Riederklamm Oberer" (level B / C) have a total length of 280 meters and are connected by a short walk of 100 meters halfway along the route.


Total duration: approx. 2 hours
Information and registration: Berg Aktiv - Hotline +43 (0) 5284 5630 or in the Bergaktiv office.

Hotel Zum Senner OG

Hotel Zum Senner OG



Hotel Zum Senner OG

Climbing course "Schlegeis 131"

131 meters high, 1,260 holes for steps, handles and safety ropes were drilled and it is 200 meters long - the new via ferrata in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region. The unique thing is that the Via Ferrata was not built over a rock but on the Schlegeis dam.

This is the world's first via ferrata built on a dam wall. With a difficulty level A / B (with a C variant), the # SCHLEGEIS131 can be tackled for anyone who is free from giddiness.

Parking is available on the dam. To get to the entrance via the hiking trail

Hotel Zum Senner OG


Climbing course Gerlossteinwand

The alpine via ferrata is another tourist offer to bring nature lovers, active people of all ages, our beautiful mountains closer. With the right equipment and correct handling climbing a crate is possible for everyone: Secured on a continuous steel rope from the entrance to the exit you climb on artificial handles and stirrups combined with natural grips through the steep cliff. Via ferratas are a persistent trend in mountain sports in the Alps and let hikers breathe in the realm of the vertical.

Difficulty level: C / D  I  Walking time: 1.5 to 2.5 hours
Approach: From Bergstation Gerlossteinbahn approx. 45 minutes
Descent: Heimjöchl 1.5 hours or Wandweg 1 hour
Climbing length: 380 m  I  Difference in altitude: 240 m
Height entry: 1,898 m  I  Summit: 2,166 m
Location: north wall

Hotel Zum Senner OG

Hotel Zum Senner OG


Hotel Zum Senner OG

Climbing course Nasenwand Ginzling

Very nice, albeit demanding via ferrata, which is particularly characterized by its length and exposure. In the first, relatively lighter section (C / D), it goes partly steeply upwards over several wall sections, an intersecting intersection, through the "Birkenwald L", over a steep step with a scale, a breezy pillar and the "Floitentritte" up to a large band marking the end of the first part. If one decides against the left outgoing emergency exit, one expects the heavier second part. This offers a steep, very "arm-heavy" rise after an easy start, the highlights of which are the overhanging key position (E), two three-sea bridges and a very exposed crossing. Since 2011, the key position (E) can be bypassed.

Duration: 02:00 h  I  Distance: 600 m
Highest point: 1309 m

Hotel Zum Senner OG


Climbing course Pfeilspitzwand

The entrance is about 50 meters above the valley floor. At the entrance is a cathedral-like rock overhang that offers a light but fairly exposed rock passage. The rest of the course is varied with short crisp spots. Various very beautiful passages and wall parts, which are easy to climb through as well as a good view of Mayrhofen and the via ferrata Zimmereben are special features of the Pfeilspitzwand. About halfway there is a rest area with a cozy bench embedded in a rock overhang. From the exit you descend in 5 minutes to the guesthouse Zimmereben.

Duration: 02:00 h  I   Distance: 480 m
Highest point: 660 m

Hotel Zum Senner OG

Hotel Zum Senner OG


Hotel Zum Senner OG

Climbing center Zillertal

The Erlebniscamping Aufenfeld has a 16m high climbing gym with all levels of difficulty and a generous boulder area, both indoors and outdoors. This Eldorado for sports and climbing enthusiasts is located in the midst of the existing amusement park and offers additional variety with swimming lake, beach volleyball, skate park and much more! Numerous climbing courses and training camps offer a great change in any weather. In special children's courses, even the youngest learn to practice this great sport safely!


Climbing Center Zillertal Fiegl OG
Aufenfeldweg 10
6274 Aschau

+43 664 3485352 (Büro Kletterhalle)
+43 664 8339506 (Lukas Fiegl)


Alpbachtaler Seen Land / Reintaler See

Reintalersee - Climbing course

Reintalersee - via ferrata

After a short ascent on a forest trail, there are two attractive routes for the experienced via ferrata user. Both routes run together in the beginning until Route 1 in difficulty C / D and Route 2 as a sport via ferrata continues to meander up the rock and offers a breathtaking view of the beautiful landscape of the Reintalersee.

Via ferrata Reintalersee: C / D
Sport climbing route Reintalersee: E

Walking time:
Approach: 20 minutes / 165 meters in altitude
Via ferrata: 1 - 1.5 hours / 200 vertical meters - 250 m rope length
Descent: 1 hour / 400 meters altitude difference

Hotel Zum Senner OG

Hotel Zum Senner OG


Climbing course at the Achensee

Hotel Zum Senner OG

Achensee - Karwendel
3 valleys - 1000 KLETTER possibilities

Starting point in the three gently rising Karwendeltäler is Pertisau on the west bank of the Achensee. The climbers love the Karwendelkalk. They make a pilgrimage to the valleys, climb old classics such as those found on the walls of the Lamsenspitze, which are up to 400 meters high, or go to "Dreamland" for sport climbing - a climbing garden set up in 2001 at the foot of the Lamsenspitze. Baseclimb enthusiasts can enjoy themselves in the "Gramai Wasserfall" climbing garden and keep their fingers straight. Especially the left sector is very interesting: The entrance is practically in the outflow of the Gramai waterfall and is ideal on hot summer days. Pack your swimwear and "shower" after the hard climbing in the waterfall.
Hotel Zum Senner OGClick picture - Download climbing map as PDF