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Gorges and grottos in Tyrol

Climbing trails - gorges, canyons and caves in Austria

This awaits you during a wild-romantic walk through Tyrol's gorges. Many of the often legendary cliffs in the Tyrol were made accessible through cleats and bridges, so you can safely explore. Rafting or kayaking are offered in some of the wild waters.


Austria - Tyrol - Zillertal tour for an Instagram photo shoot and for all social media enthusiasts who come here guarantees at your expense.




The Wolfsklamm:

Over 354 steps and several wooden bridges lead through the beautiful Wolfsklamm in Stans. More than 100 years ago it was inaugurated as the "pearl of the Tyrolean lowlands". On the wild-romantic walk through the gorge you will find powerful rocky mountains, fierce waterfalls and a fantastic panorama in healthy mountain air. The pilgrimage route to St. Georgenberg connects the gorge with the oldest pilgrimage site of Tyrol. Shortly before the Felsenkloster you cross the monumental "Hohe Brücke": The stone arch from 1497 once bore Tyrol's oldest bridge. Once you have arrived at Karwendel Nature Park. The monastery of St. Georgenberg has been created from a hermitage and is a special place for rest and relaxation.
The medium-sized hike into the Wolfsklamm promises a fascinating experience for the whole family. The 6-kilometer-long route can be reached in 3 hours. Wolfsklamm near Stans was named after wolves living there. Wild also thunder the ice-cold waterfalls into the depths.



The Gleirschklamm:

The Gleirschklamm with its imposing rocks, small waterfalls and its crystal-clear water is one of the most beautiful natural cliffs in the Karwendel. The unique water rock landscape and the power of the water you can feel here are an experience. From Scharnitz the Isarsteig leads to Gleirschklamm in about an hour. At the beginning, resting places with information boards invite you to linger. Bridging along steep rocky cliffs, you will hike along the narrow gorge through the gorge. The way is secured with ropes, nevertheless you should be confident and dizzy. Cross the Oberbrunnalm and the Hochwald forest to Scharnitz. Overall, the round trip takes about 3.5 hours.
Along this route hikers will experience the unique water rock landscape in one of the most beautiful and natural cliffs in the Karwendel, the Gleirschklamm. The medium difficulty to difficult round route leads in 4 hours and 150 altitudes from Scharnitz into the gorge and return. There are impressive rock formations, small waterfalls and the glacial water. The strength and strength of the water, which has been paving the way through the hard rock for centuries, can be felt in the Gleirschklamm.



The Kaiserklamm:

A great natural adventure awaits hikers in the wild-romantic Kaiserklamm: The gorge landscape impresses with its exudations in the rock and the glasklare water of the roaring wild brook. Courageous dare even take a bath in gentle places! A narrow, but well-secured trail with bridges and stone tunnel leads about one kilometer through the narrow ravine. Deep down below, the Brandenberger Ache bursts out loudly towards the valley.
During a hike through the Kaiserklamm you should definitely stop at the imperial house at the Gorge entrance. Even Emperor Franz Josef and his wife Sissi loved the forester's lodge - the name of the emperor and Emperor gorge goes back to him. Children will love the adventure playground and the small animal zoo.



The Kundler Klamm:

The Wildromantic Kundlerklamm is a popular excursion destination for young and old. A dragon has it - so the legend goes - ripped from the rocks. The natural gorge connects the Wildschönau high valley with the Unterinntal.
The Wildschönauer excursion train is to reach from the starting point Mühltal. Prices and further information can be found under (0043) (0) 5339 8090. In the case of heavy rainfall and in winter the Kundlerklamm is closed for safety reasons.
A wide hiking trail leads from Kundl 3 kilometers along the Wildschönau Ache past bizarre and powerful rocks. The creek bed is also full of stones and a variety of geological rocks. Again and again, numerous places invite you to play and relax in the cool water. In the Wildschönau runs a excursion train between Mühltal and the entrance to popular path. Especially for children, the ride by train is a pleasure.



The Rosengartenschlucht:

The Rosengarten Gorge in the Tiroler Oberinntal is one of the most beautiful gorges in Austria. Here, the Schinderbach dug through the rocky ridges of the Imster Middle mountain terraces. The gorge leads over 2 kilometers from the Johannesk church in Imst to the blue grotto in Hoch-Imst and is one of the most valuable biotopes of Tyrol. Millions of years of earth's history are reflected in the ravine with an incredible wealth of flowers, animals and stones. The humid and cool climate encourages a unique vegetation. On your way through the wild-romantic canyon, you will pass through the rock-built houses, wooden steps, stone steps as well as the tunnel of the river and thus make your way through the magnificent gorge in a spectacular environment.
The entry into the Rosengartenschlucht is at the Johannes church in the center of Imst. There are parking spaces for those arriving by car (chargeable) . Behind the Johannes church the route starts and leads on about 1.5 kilometers and 250 meters to the other end of the gorge. There is the Blue Grotto, a grotto formed by mining, with two waterfalls, in which Roman silver was already sought after in the Roman period. In Hoch-Imst, the route passes the Inn Sonneck, over the Neureitwiesen and over some serpentines to the view head Wetterkreuz. Then the path leads down to the edge of the Rosengarten gorge and down into the valley back to the Johannes church.



The Schlossbachklamm:

The Schloßbachklamm is located halfway in the commune of Reith bei Seefeld and Zirl. Thus the excursion to the gorge can be started from both places. The visitors are expecting a typical canyon landscape with small waterfalls, romantic gaps and also the direct access to the water for a break is possible. On hot days, a visit to the Schloßbachklamm is a refreshing alternative to bathing. The newly reconstructed bridge for the Karwendelbahn, the Schlossbachgraben bridge, already on the way into the gorge, is another highlight of this excursion. View of the Schlossbachklamm with Karwendelbahnbrücke Only a few are known that the gorge once served as a backdrop for the Hollywood film "K2".
Walk from the center of Reith towards Leithen via Leithener Waldweg. Past the train station in Leithen, a pleasant forest trail leads into the Schlossbachklamm. Halfway up, a wooden bridge crosses the stream and continues over a nice climb uphill to Hochzirl. Finally you reach an asphalt road, which leads past the hospital Hochzirl and further to the station.



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